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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hot Stove, Frozen Brain

The other day I was thinking about one of my favorite former Cubs,  Ryan Dempster.  I know he was traded last summer to the Rangers but I couldn't recall what had happened with him after the season.  A quick check on the interweb gave me the answer -- he signed a two-year contract with the Boston Red Sox.  At this time of year, and into the early part of each season I often find myself saying, "I didn't know he was with them now".  With 30 teams making trades and dozens of free agents I guess it's forgivable to miss some moves.  Does this ever happen to you?

Anyway, speaking of Ryan Dempster I recently added some cards to my collection, which has reached a modest 80+.  Good luck in Beantown, Ryan!


  1. I really hope he can turn in a couple of at least half-decent seasons where he stays relatively healthy. Looking forward to receiving my first Dempster Red Sox card sometime in 2013!

    1. One thing for sure, he'll work his ass off trying.


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