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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Autographed Baseball Cards A-Z

When I got back into collecting five or so years ago one of the things that excited me was the availability of autographed cards.  Perhaps I went a little overboard but I think I picked up some nice cards.  This will be an A-Z series of posts with varying numbers of cards.

 2003 UD Yankee Signature Series #PN-CA

What can I say.  If you've read this blog you know I'm a Callison fan from childhood.  I do wish this pictured Johnny as a Phillie but it is on-card.

 2001 Topps Reprint#93
 This is from a great set on on-card autos.  I collect the Swingin A's.  Gotta have Campy.

 2004 Topps Signature Editions Originals 69/77
This card looks much better in person. (Anyone else have a scanner with such a narrow field of vision?)  Anyways it's a great card of  "The Candy Man".

Lefty, Lefty, and Lefty.
 2003 Donruss Team Trademarks #TT-32 18/100

 2006 SP Legendary Cuts Place in History #PH-SC 34/99

2005 UD Signature Decades SD-SC

The third card is unnumbered but is my favorite of the three, on card, picturing a young Steve with the Cards.

Probably due to his issues with the media, Steve Carlton seems if possible, to be underrated when it comes to remembering the all-time great pitchers.  Am I wrong?

1 comment:

  1. Carlton's signature looks shaky.

    I don't think Carlton gets mentioned a lot these days, probably because he doesn't put his face out there. But during his playing days, there was no dispute that he was one of the top 2 or 3 in baseball. Seemed like he was up for the Cy Young every year.


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