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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2000-01 Topps Stadium Club Hockey Promo Set

One of the advantages of being disorganized is that from time to time you discover hidden gems in your collection.  I found these six  in a box of  random cards.  At first I thought they were just 6 cards from the set but then I noticed the "PP-" numbers on the back.  A little research revealed them to be a complete promo set.  They were issued in a sealed cello pack.  If I pulled them out of a pack I have no memory of it.  I think I may have received them in a box lot.  BTW-there is a sealed set on ebay now with a BIN of $7.95.

The scans of these cards don't do them justice.  The front surface is super glossy, the crossed sticks are embossed and the silver areas  (Stadium Club logo, player name and stripes around the sticks) are reflective.  The photography is above average and the backs, with a separate head shot, are nice as well.  Is the production set the same quality as the promo?

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