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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blow Out the Candles July 16

Detroit Lions great Barry Sanders is celebrating his 45th birthday today.

I'm a Bears fan so I'm partial to Walter Payton but if I wasn't I might give the nod to Barry as the best running back I've ever seen.  I certainly recall him running through the Bears defense.
Even Samurai Mike can't catch him.

Where do you rank Barry Sanders?

Shoeless Joe Jackson was born in Pickens County, SC on this date in 1887.
"God knows I gave my best in baseball at all times and no man on earth can truthfully judge me otherwise."
"Jackson's fall from grace is one of the real tragedies of baseball. I always thought he was more sinned against than sinning."
-- Connie Mack

"What a hell of a league this is. Ah hit .387, .408, and .395 the last three years and Ah ain't won nothin' yet!"
"When I was up there at the plate, my purpose was to get on base anyway I could, whether by hitting or by getting hit."
Ty and Joe 
"I ain't afraid to tell the world that it don't take school stuff to help a fella play ball."
 "I copied Jackson's style because I thought he was the greatest hitter I had ever seen, the greatest natural hitter I ever saw. He's the guy who made me a hitter."-- Babe Ruth
"Everything he hit was really blessed. He could break bones with his shots. Blindfold me and I could still tell you when Joe hit the ball. It had a special crack."
-- Ernie Shore

Screen legend Ginger Rogers was born in Independence, Missouri on this date in 1911.
 1934 Player Fim Stars #38

Comedian Will Ferrell is celebraing his 46th birthday today.


  1. One of if not my favorite showbiz quote: "Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels."

  2. Is it wrong that I was surprised that Barry Sanders is 45? I guess since he's been out of the game for years I assumed he'd be older.

  3. 1 Jim Brown
    2 Emmitt Smith
    3 Eric Dickerson
    4 OJ Simpson
    5 Walter Payton
    6 Earl Campbell
    7 Barry Sanders

    if Sanders had played a few more seasons, or won more games, something... I'd put him in at 5 ahead of Payton and Campbell.

  4. Also born today: Terry Pendleton, Claude Lemieux, Phoebe Cates, Margaret Court and Night Owl.

    1. Nice job of burying the lead. ;) You know if I'd known I would have featured you. Happy Birthday!!! Also, I did miss Margaret Court --major oversight for this tennis fan.


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