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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blow Out the Candles June 8

Shortstop and 1970 World Series Champion Mark Belanger was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts on this date in 1944.
Despite a career batting average of just .228, Mark Belanger was a key member of the successful Orioles teams of the 60's and 70's playing there for 17 of his 18 seasons.  One of the best fielding shortstops of his era he won 8 Gold Gloves in a ten year stretch between 1969 and 1978.
Robinson, Belanger, Jones and Powell

Phillies great Del Ennis was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on this date in 1925.

Belgian tennis star Kim Clijsters is celebrating her 30th birthday today.

Artist LeRoy Neiman was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on this date in 1921.

A sampling of his work:

Comedian and actor Jerry Stiller is celebrating his 86th birthday today.

Jerry was hysterical as Frank Costanza on "Seinfeld".

Before "Seinfeld" Jerry was best known for his work with his wife Anne Meara.


  1. Am I weird because I think Kim Clijsters is an absolute babe? I mean, beyond the obvious?

  2. I grew up listening to Stiller & Meara's funny radio commercials, especially the ones for Blue Nun wine. My mother used to listen to the local all-news station in the morning, and those commercials got played a lot.

    I don't follow tennis at all, so I've only heard of Kim Clijsters. When I saw the photos, I thought "Hey, she's cute! a nice smile." So I wouldn't think anyone's weird for putting her in the "absolute babe" category.

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