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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blow Out the Candles May 25

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher is celebrating his 35th birthday today.

Author W.P. Kinsella is celebrating his 78th birthday today.

If you've only seen the movie, do take the time to read the book.  You'll still enjoy it.
 Kinsella's book was made into the movie "Field of Dreams".

Puppeteer, director and actor Frank Oz is celebrating his 69th birthday today.
You may know Oz as the man behind Bert, Miss Piggy, Grover Cookie Monster Fozzie Bear and Yoda.

Singer Billy Murray was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on this date in 1877.


  1. It's funny... At some level I recognized that Ernie's hands had a puppeteer's hands inside them, but it never occurred to me that two hands plus one head equals three puppeteer hands.


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