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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blow Out the Candles January 23

Painter Edouard Manet was born in Paris, France on this date in 1832.
"If I'm lucky, when I paint, first my patrons leave the room, then my dealers, and if I'm really lucky I leave too."

The Grand Canal, Venice 1974

"It appears that it is necessary that I make a nude. Well, I will do it. In the transparency of the open air, with people as those which we see over there. I am going to be criticized savagely. It doesn't matter."

The painting above was used in this great SNL sketch from season 3 featuring Dan Aykroyd and Laraine Newman.  


  1. Darn it. I always get Manet and Monet mixed up.

    I was going to reference the 1968 Tommy James and the Shondells single, but it just doesn't work here.

  2. Love Manet! One of the first painters to include an advertising logo in a painting, which would lead to big things in modernism and post-modernism. That little Bass logo led to Warhol, man! And Manet's nude look at the viewer, confront them, challenge them. Pure brilliance.


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