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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blow Out the Candles January 22

January 22 marks the birthdays of four legends of the ice spanning almost 50 years.  It also marks the birthday of one of my favorite TV stars going back to the early 1960's.  A hint.  Think green (and I don't mean solar panels.)

Hall of Fame defenseman Serge Savard is celebrating his 67th birthday today.
1973-74 Topps #24

Savard won eight Stanley Cups as a player.
And two more as GM

Hall of Famer Mike Bossy is celebrating his 56th birthday today.
2008-09 UD Masterpieces #23

The "Drive for Five" would fall short thanks to Wayne Gretsky and the Edmonton Oilers who took them out in the Finals,  four games to one.  
Mike Bossy had his number retired on March 3, 1992.

Hall of Famer Elmer Lach is celebrating his 95th birthday today.
Elmer Lach won three Stanley Cups and retired as the NHL's all-time leading scorer.  He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1966.
The "Punch Line" -- Maurice Richard, Elmer Lach and Toe Blake

Hall of Famer Bill Durnan was born on this date in 1916

Bill Durnan was the first man to win the Vezina trophy in four consecutive years (1944-47)
Durnan was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1964

Actor and director Bill Bixby was born on this date in 1934.

Bill starred in The Incredible Hulk from 1978-82.

I have fond memories of Bill as Tim O'Hara in My Favorite Martian.
 Bill with co-star Ray Walston,  "Uncle Martin"
Bill with Jill Ireland

Bixby also starred for 3 seasons in The Courtship of Eddie's Father.

Does anyone else remember Bill Bixby in the PBS version of Steambath?


  1. Darn, I put the clues together wrong. "60's" plus "green" made me think of...

    Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Acres is the place to be!
    Farm living is the life for me! whether your favorite would've been Eddie Albert or Eva Gabor or Arnold Ziffel was something I hadn't quite sorted out.

    1. Thanks for playing our game. Sorry you didn't win but we have some lovely parting gifts for you. Give him a hand everybody!

  2. I was thinking Kermit the Frog. Missed it..... by THAT much.

    1. Wait--Don Adams birthday isn't until April.


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