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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blow Out the Candles December 27

The Blackhawks' Patrick Sharp is celebrating his 31st birthday today.

Singer/songwriter Karla Bonoff is celebrating her 61st birthday today.
 Karla's most well know song is probably Someone to Lay Down Beside Me which appeared on Linda Ronstadt's album Hasten Down the Wind.

Writer, humorist and sometimes actress, Sarah Vowell is celebrating her 43rd birthday today.

 I admit I didn't know anything about Sarah until I was given the CD version of her book, The Wordy Shipmates. Only Sarah Vowell could make a book about the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Puritans so much fun. Since then I've gone back and read the rest of her books.

Sarah was the voice of Violet Parr in the animated film, The Incredibles.

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